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Posted By: John Kuvakas Moderator
Posted On: Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 9:03 AM
A few comments about the thread from last evening.
There are no requirements or expectations of those who visit the Lounge. You can post, if you like, or just read along. I think John B was trying to say that there are a few who can be negative about posts without being willing to help out or, at least, offer something constructive to move things along. I agree with him.

I've written about this before, folks. It's all about tone. If we sound harsh or angry or if we begin calling names and making accusations, the Lounge gets uncomfortable real quick. There's a big difference between, "I don't care for the 1980 Bulgemobile." and "That's the ugliest car in the history of car design." There's a difference between, "I wish someone had the talent to post newer cars." and "These old cars are boring. Put up newer ones!"

Nearly everyone in the Lounge gets this. In fact, you gents do a much better job of getting along than nearly all the other boards I see. Yes, every now and then someone gets a little aggravated, but we usually manage to sort it out quickly and efficiently.

Still, there's the odd and very scarce person who feels it's OK to be brash or harsh or highly opinionated. Then things get awkward. I'm sorry this happens but, if you stop to think about it, this place is a lot more like a real lounge than you might think, lots of different personalities and moods.

In the final analysis, we're here to have a good time. If we decide to respect each other and let the more abrasive moments roll off our backs, we can be a better place to hang out. Let me say this one more time, for the vast majority of the time we spend here in the Lounge, everyone does a really good job of this. I think we all know there are real problems out there. This place is a safe place where we can share a joke or two, put up some photos and relax and set the troubles of the day aside.

So, post if you got 'em. If you can't and would like to, let us know, we'll try to help. If just reading along makes you happy, you're welcome to be here. We have a seat and a smile for everyone, hope you have the same for us.

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Message thread:

A few comments about the thread from last evening. by John Kuvakas #50208Moderator
Very well said John, thank you. I love being here, everyone is just awesome. (EOM) by Dick Johnson #50208.1
Back at you Dick....your contributions are so valued. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50208.1.1
Good morning John Kuvakas, thank you for input. I think you hit the nail on the head, but by George Schire #50208.2
We'll miss you George, hope to see you back soon. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #50208.2.1Moderator
+1 (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50208.2.1.1
George, you and I have spoken on the phone so I KNOW that you mean well and are a "good guy"...but by Barry Levittan #50208.2.2
Imo, a simple "imo" can be a diffuser with potentially polarizing comments. by Al Dorado #50208.2.3
George, you and I disagree on a lot of car styling but to me, "we agree to disagree". That is what by Bruce Parsons #50208.2.4
But also, opinions can be ill-informed too. Our opinions can often change when we learn more. by Bruce Gibbins #50208.2.4.1
There is a great deal of child like petulance weaving its way through much of what is accusational by Bruce Gibbins #50208.2.5
Thank you, John. Your gracious comments are most welcome. (EOM) by David Holcombe #50208.3
thanks, John...I am happy in my chair in the Lounge....eventhough I by Joop Gisbers #50208.4
John K., that badge of honor that I'm looking for, must be 24 karat gold and be sure my name is..... by John Bono #50208.5
I currently have the spelling as "Kuvakas." Is that correct? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #50208.5.1Moderator
Absolutely! (EOM) by John Bono #50208.5.1.1
LOL! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50208.5.1.2
OMG..please let it all rest. Just read the post and move on... (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #50208.

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