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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 5:37 PM
There is a great deal of child like petulance weaving its way through much of what is accusational
I have a bit of fun with you because your terminology often elicits a humorous response. I'm just having some fun with you, but you get pissed off, rather than offer a come back George, this is called banter - for goodness sake. You need to not take so seriously whats said to you in fun.

I can be irreverent, not to the Mrs though, because she always seems to be oiling up her gun whenever I'm around.
You choose to be offended, George then write a pale full of poor pitiful me and then runaway.

I don't know if you ever served in the forces or worked in a male only environment but if you had, then life must have been hell on wheels for you.
I feel bad for my part in your departure because I don't really like offending people and I should have perhaps taken your sensitive nature more seriously and quit ribbing you. But the opportunities you gave me were too tempting.
In this vein, I offered to leave the Lounge so that you might then feel happier with me gone. I am being serious, George, but you are going anyway and not for the first time either and in the relitivly short period of time I have been a member of these boards, you have often runaway when something or other has upset you. Over on 24, it was when Ms Peters asked us to suggest some favorite cars to be considered in a new range that was being considered at the time. Then when a model was released, a 1928 Caddillac, that was made clear to us from the outset that this was a D4C model and not the first in the new range, you took off into the woods not to be heard of again until you reappeared three months latter.
On 24, life must have been all fine and dandy for you George with me not having visited there in weeks. Yet, it seems as though, there must be other collectors who are causing you to leave there in a somber cloud of self pity.

Despite the Lounge being a Family Show, front line users are all men and when men get together we have a tendency to kid around and to sometimes push each others buttons, often unintentionally causings what I believe to be low level offense. Sometimes humor can be taken to heart and this seems to be the way of it when I kid around with you George and that's all it is to it.

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Message thread:

A few comments about the thread from last evening. by John Kuvakas #50208Moderator
Very well said John, thank you. I love being here, everyone is just awesome. (EOM) by Dick Johnson #50208.1
Back at you Dick....your contributions are so valued. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50208.1.1
Good morning John Kuvakas, thank you for input. I think you hit the nail on the head, but by George Schire #50208.2
We'll miss you George, hope to see you back soon. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #50208.2.1Moderator
+1 (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50208.2.1.1
George, you and I have spoken on the phone so I KNOW that you mean well and are a "good guy"...but by Barry Levittan #50208.2.2
Imo, a simple "imo" can be a diffuser with potentially polarizing comments. by Al Dorado #50208.2.3
George, you and I disagree on a lot of car styling but to me, "we agree to disagree". That is what by Bruce Parsons #50208.2.4
But also, opinions can be ill-informed too. Our opinions can often change when we learn more. by Bruce Gibbins #50208.2.4.1
There is a great deal of child like petulance weaving its way through much of what is accusational by Bruce Gibbins #50208.2.5
Thank you, John. Your gracious comments are most welcome. (EOM) by David Holcombe #50208.3
thanks, John...I am happy in my chair in the Lounge....eventhough I by Joop Gisbers #50208.4
John K., that badge of honor that I'm looking for, must be 24 karat gold and be sure my name is..... by John Bono #50208.5
I currently have the spelling as "Kuvakas." Is that correct? (EOM) by John Kuvakas #50208.5.1Moderator
Absolutely! (EOM) by John Bono #50208.5.1.1
LOL! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50208.5.1.2
OMG..please let it all rest. Just read the post and move on... (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #50208.

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