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Posted By: Bruce Gibbins
Posted On: Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM
After being covid free with no new reported deaths a relaxing of our county's border
has resulted in a second round of Covid infection, but as yet no new deaths.
I have cut and pasted a story from Radio New Zealand, like Voice of America, but this is RNZ's domestic Station.
I include this here because of the stories American connection, and I am wondering if what is concerning official's in this country is also of concern to Americans
or even if its true?

Scepticism of Covid-19 among the Mt Roskill church sub-cluster is being linked to misinformation spread by prominent US evangelical and Pentecostal movements.

Yesterday health minister Chris Hipkins told RNZ that some of the 43 people linked to the Mt Roskill Evangelical Fellowship were initially distrustful of the science and it presented a challenge for health officials.

Two people linked to the cluster were not disclosed as contacts during the contact-tracing process.

The Ministry of Health has furthermore discovered that someone within the sub-cluster visited a bereaved family, while waiting for the results of a coronavirus test.

RNZ reporter Anusha Bradley spoke to Pakilau Manase Lua, who grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist church, and said his own friends and family were guilty of spreading conspiracies and false information about Covid-19.

And Media chaplain and Wesleyan Methodist minister Frank Ritchie said some ministers were losing the battle to stem the flow of misinformation amongst their congregations.

“What I'm seeing is ministers who are doing the right thing, but their people are being indoctrinated online,” he told RNZ.

Some congregation members were angry their minister did not agree with what they were reading on the internet about Covid-19, he said.

Chief Executive of Pasifika Futures and the Pasfika Medical Association, Debbie Sorenson joined Morning Report to discuss the issue and Kate Hannah, a cultural historian at Te Pūnaha Matatini who is leading a research project investigating disinformation and Covid-19, joins the programme after 8am".

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Message thread:

After being covid free with no new reported deaths a relaxing of our county's border by Bruce Gibbins #50224
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