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Posted By: David Holcombe
Posted On: Monday October 12, 2020 at 11:53 AM
At my age, I don't do math as well as I should, but something just doesn't seem unusual
about this process. To wit., this is the year 2020. Since I was born in 1939, that makes me 81 in 2020. But isn't that also true for every other year? Birth year plus age equals actual date? Or am I missing some great mystery?

I checked further, and found that Snopes had answered the same situation for the year 2018. Here's the center of their conclusions:

In logical terms, the reason this meme sometimes tricks people into believing they have witnessed something incredible or meaningful is that it expresses your age and your birth year as two separate facts, rather than explaining (as we all actually know) that your age is a function of your birth year. You are the age you are because your age is the number of full years that have passed since you were born.

The “age + birth year” canard is an old one. Internet users spread an almost identical meme in 2017.

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Message thread:

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At my age, I don't do math as well as I should, but something just doesn't seem unusual by David Holcombe #50638.3
first off...congratulations on attaining middle age....but it is just a parlor trick in text form (EOM) by John Barry #50638.3.1
This has to do with the parallel symbiosis of the thraxton model of time concurrence. ;o) by John Kuvakas #50638.3.2Moderator
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It only applies to French ducks. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #50638.3.3.1Moderator
Ahhh...les quacquers! Merci. (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50638.
This is true for any year. Right? Your DOB + your age will always equal the current year. (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #50638.4
This is a good joke. For a few minutes I was fooled. (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #50638.4.1
Yup! You do the math and go, "Wow!" But then reason sets in. (EOM) by John Kuvakas #50638.4.1.1Moderator
Yep! (EOM) by Christopher Moroni #50638.

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