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Posted By: Jack Dodds
Posted On: Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 11:37 AM
This sad tale explains SO MUCH of the bigger picture. Nice farm set though....
....any sheep there? Of course there are!

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Message thread:

As you prepare to buy your first round of Halloween Candy......(y`know,for the kids) by John Barry #50643
The public are welcome to drop by and purchase, just don't make a mess is all by Jack Dodds #50643.1
Brothers Argyle and Bobby, as shown, developed early signs of gender confusion by Jack Dodds #50643.2
Most of Jack’s facts are true… by John Barry #50643.2.1
My advice: "Don't eat that Elmer...that's horses- - t!" (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50643.2.1.1
you need proof ??? I got proof by John Barry #50643.
I call bull droppings on this pic......there's no John stocking! (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50643.
there`s a REASON for that by John Barry #50643.
This sad tale explains SO MUCH of the bigger picture. Nice farm set though.... by Jack Dodds #50643.
2 sheeps to the wind by John Barry #50643.
Firstly; Is it rustling if the need for the animal is urgent and for one's own self-preservation? by Jack Dodds #50643.
Fredericksburg, Virginia, circa 1928. "John Paul Jones House, Main Street." by David Holcombe #50643.3
Uh Oh......Cheese it Jack !!! the jigs up !!!! (EOM) by John Barry #50643.3.1
John, are you dabbling in real estate? Or maybe looking for a background photo? (EOM) by David Holcombe #50643.3.1.1
Background photos David.....the more the better :-D (EOM) by John Barry #50643.
It's that great little pedal car/ coaster that I like! (pic) by David Holcombe #50643.
My pleasure David..... by John Barry #50643.
John the 2 houses talked about are shockingly similar, but the Dodds sign proves they're different. by Jack Dodds #50643.3.1.2
it`s too late Jack.....the beans are spilt...we gotta go on the lam by John Barry #50643.
Doh! Okay then I'll saddle up the ewes for a night ride. I'm thinking the Donner Pass is safest. by Jack Dodds #50643.
excellent strategic plan !!...word is,there`s a Rib Joint up there to-die-for by John Barry #50643.
LOL...rib joint.... (EOM) by Jack Dodds #50643.
Just hurry up, the ewes are primed to go, rearing up on their haunches.... by Jack Dodds #50643.

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