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Posted By: Joop Gisbers
Posted On: Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 1:48 PM
would you drive this (PIC) Autocult's Alamagny.
Europe in 1946: The economy is still struggling with the impact of World War II, and people are looking for cheap transportation, but almost all these type of vehicles have been destroyed.

Micro cars, for very little money, are the solution. In Paris, former Renault engineer Marcel Alamagny creates a very unusual vehicle. Marcel has the idea of positioning the passengers back to back. This is the first time that this idea has been used in order to be as space efficient as possible. Then he decides to put the main axle together with the engine in between, stabilized with two other wheels centered at front and back, and the result was the birth of the diamond chassis layout. Marcel Alamagny added smooth and rounded bodywork which is almost identical at both ends. Of course, the complete design followed the lines of this new architecture. Which side is front, which side is back? You have to look twice, haha. The same attention must be paid for the doors. For entering the car, the complete bodywork of front and back is pulled open like a hood! Two years later, in spring of 1948, the prototype is finally shown to the public when presented at a fair. The details of the Alamagny were 3,420 mm long, with a height of 1,600 mm, and a width of 1,320 mm. The Alamagny offered sheltered travel for up to four passengers, and had a 13hp, 569ccm Simca 5-engine. It was said that the diamond car could achieve a max speed of 85 kph.

Even more interesting today, than in former times, was the very small space which was needed to turn the Alamagny around. Because of the diamond layout, this manoeuvre could be done with a radius of less than four meters.

The story has an unfortunate ending for Mr. Alamagny though as the diamond chassis concept never made it to production. The prototype was eventually disassembled, and no parts of the body or components are believed to exist.

Text used under permission from Autocult and Pic is from Robert Budig's web-site.

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Message thread:

would you drive this (PIC) Autocult's Alamagny. by Joop Gisbers #50656
Drive it ? ... I'm not quite sure I'd fit or be able to maneuver myself into it. (EOM) by Steve Jakubczak #50656.1

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