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List of 1:43 Manufacturers

This list is maintained by the Diecast Zone Forum 43 for the benefit of all 1:43 collectors.

To visit, click on Forum43

Manufacturer Material Manufacturer's Website
Ace Model Cars Diecast http://acemodelcars.com
Almost Real Diecast http://www.armodel.com.cn
Coming soon to Legacy. Buy at Legacy Motors
Auto Cult Resin http://www.autocult.de Buy at Legacy Motors
Autoart diecast http://www.autoartmodels.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Automodello resin http://www.automodello.com Buy at Legacy Motors
BBR resin http://www.bbrmodels.it
Bburago diecast http://www.bburago.com
Best Diecast http://www.m4modelcars.it
Also Art Model, M4, and Rio
Biante Diecast diecast http://www.biante.com.au
Bizarre resin http://www.bizarremodel.com Buy at Legacy Motors
British Heritage Models resin/wm http://www.britishheritagemodels.co.uk
Brooklin wm http://www.brooklinmodels.co.uk
Bruce Arnold Models white metal http://www.brucearnoldmodels.com/
Brumm diecast http://www.brumm.it Buy at Legacy Motors
Cararama (Hongwell) diecast http://www.hongwell.com
Classic Carlectables diecast http://www.classiccarlectables.com.au/aboutus.html
Conquest/Madison wm http://store.route66modelcarstore.com
Corgi diecast http://www.corgi.co.uk
Crossway wm http://www.crossway-models.co.uk
Danbury Mint diecast http://www.danburymint.com
Dongguan Resin shangjiamodel.en.alibaba.com/productgrouplist-215035312/Car_Models.html
Durham wm http://www.durhamclassics.ca
Ebbro diecast http://www.ebbro.com
EMC resin http://emc-models.com.ua/ Buy at Legacy Motors
Esval Models resin http://esvalmodels.com Buy at Legacy Motors
GADM wm http://www.gadm.com
GLM Resin http://glmmodels.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Goldvarg Resin http://www.goldvargcollection.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Greenlight diecast http://www.greenlighttoys.com
Hi-Story resin http://www.interallied.co.jp/hi-story001C.html
Highway Travelers wm http://store.route66modelcarstore.com
Hot Wheels Elite diecast http://www.hotwheels-elite.com/68/collection.php
HPI diecast http://www.hpimodelcar.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Ilario resin http://www.ilario.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Inver Models wm http://www.invermodels.co.uk
Ixo diecast http://www.ixomodels.com
J&M Classics wm http://www.marqueart.com
K&R Replicas wm http://www.kandrreplicas.co.uk/index.shtml
Kenna Models wm http://www.kennamodels.co.uk
Kess Models resin http://www.kessmodel.com/1-43
Kyosho diecast http://www.kyosho.com/eng/products/diecast.index.html
Looksmart resin http://www.looksmartmodels.com
Luxury Collectibles resin http://www.luxury-collectibles.com
Luxury Diecast diecast http://www.luxurydiecast.com
M4 diecast http://www.m4modelcars.it/pages/inglese/prodotti/m4/alfa-romeo/159.php
Marsh resin http://www.marshmodels.com
Matrix Scale Models resin http://www.matrixscalemodels.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Mini Marque white metal http://www.midlanticmodels.com
Minichamps diecast/resin http://www.minichamps.de/index.php?s=en
Mullins Collection Buy at Legacy Motors
MotorMax diecast http://www.motormaxtoy.com
MR Collection resin http://mrcollection.com
NEO - American Excellence resin http://www.neoscalemodels.com/index.aspx Buy at Legacy Motors
Norev diecast http://www.norev.com
Omen Miniatures White Metal http://www.omen-miniatures.com/index.php
Figures, no cars.
One43 resin http://www.autofaremodelcars.com/manufacturers.php?make=one43
Oxford diecast http://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk
Premium ClassiXXs diecast http://www.premiumclassixxs.de/
PremiumX resin http://www.premiumx-models.com
Q Model resin http://www.q-model.jp/Index-e.htm
Red Line resin http://www.redline-models.com
Rio diecast http://www.m4modelcars.it/pages/inglese/prodotti/rio/alfa-romeo/giulietta.php
Schuco diecast http://www.schuco.de/en/home.html
Silas Models resin http://www.silasmodels.com
SMTS wm http://www.smtsmodels.demon.co.uk
Spacroft wm http://www.spacroftmodels.co.uk/download.htm
Spark resin http://www.sparkmodel.com Buy at Legacy Motors
Starline diecast http://www.starlinemodels.com
Sun Star diecast http://www.sunstartoys.com
Tin Wizard wm http://www.tinwizard.de
Top Model resin http://www.topmodelcollection.it/index_l2.htm
Trax diecast http://www.topgear.com.au
Tron wm http://www.tronmodels.com
Truescale resin http://www.tsm-models.com
Note: cars/garage tools Buy at Legacy Motors
Universal Hobbies diecast http://www.universalhobbies.net
Includes Eagles Run
Vitesse diecast http://www.vitessemodels.com
Note: Sun Star
Vitesse diecast http://www.vitessegroup.com
Note: pre-Sun Star
Welly diecast http://www.wellydiecast.com
Western Models wm http://store.route66modelcarstore.com
Yat Ming diecast http://www.yatming.com
Yow Modellini resin http://www.yowmodellini.com
Warning: MUSIC

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