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Danbury Mint 1948 Chrysler New Yorker- Convertible


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1. Mark Sweeney  8/24/10

I thought I did a review of this car way back when I bought it but noticed that I failed to do that.  So, my rating is a full 5 stars for this beauty.  It screams 1940's to me.  This car looks so good with the top up I display it that way even if it partially hides the gorgeous Highland plaid interior.  The color on this model is amazing.  Beautiful chrome and emblems/scripts.  This car remains my all time favorite of my entire collection.  If you get a chance to pick one of these cars up - do it!  You will not be disappointed.

2. George Schire  1/13/07

To give this beauty anthing less than 5 stars would be an unjustice.  From Danbury, we've come to expect this kind of perfection, and with the New Yorker, we were'nt let down.  A previous reviewer tried hard to find fault, and even listed a few (as he saw it) flaws.  I have to respectively say hogwash!  Any real New Yorker I've seen, shows that this car is done right.  Could some folks just like to be a little negative?  I think so, if the perfection on this one can't be admired.  Oh well, to each their own.  Me, I love it, and thank DM for bringing us back once again to a time when "cars were cars".  Display this car in your collector case, and see if you don't get envy from those that see it.  GOOD JOB DM!

3. richard dube  9/9/05

I was waiting for this model with great excitement because of the first regular bodied 48 Chrysler. Nice interior, fit, finish but one major engineering flaw.

The problem with the NY is that the body back proportions are way out of scale. The bottom of the rear fenders are incorrectly shaped (straight bottoms instead of curved), the rear bumper is positionned too high because  the trunk floor is not deep enough to accomodate lower bumper brackets to fit the height of the rear bumper to match the front one and hide a part of the gas tank as supposed to be.

All these details have serious consequences on accuracy of the shape of the trunk lid and back proportions with the car's other well executed components.

The result: nice front end but short tail end.

4. Milan Germaine  9/18/05

DM's New Yorker is a beautiful rendition of the Chryslers of the post war forties. The color is a very nice, period correct, shade of gray-blue. The interior is strikingly done with the "cloth" inlay. As far as body proportions are concerned, according to the many books I have showing Chryslers of this period, the body proportions are correct. The trunk design of the model looks identical to color photos from "Cars of the Fascinating Forties" by the Auto Editors of Consumers Guide.  Some people just have to complain about something. Another stunning model, great job Danbury!

5. Mark Sweeney  9/19/05

Love this car!  It captures the 40's look perfectly.  The color is a real knowout and the fit and finess are par excellance.  The interior is so cool in the tartan plaid.  I display mine with the top up and it's in my top 10 favorite models out of my collection of 100 or so.

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