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Precision Miniatures 1952 So-Cal Belly Tank Lakester


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1. Martin Erkamp  11/24/03

There's little I can add to Bill Bennett's excellent review except maybe to say that none of the pictures (as good as they are) compare to having this model right in front of you to soak up the incredible details that Precision Miniatures have managed to represent with this truly exceptional model.  Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates top-quality diecasts or historically significant cars.  Tied with CMC's Auto Union Type C for my favorite model of 2003.  

2. Tom Pine  5/16/05

Let me see: take an aircraft fuel tank, put some wheels on it, insert an engine, fuel tank, and one brave driver and go hurtling across the salt at nearly 200 mph--hmmm--one has to wonder how these guys managed to reach middle age!  On a more serious note, this image is a beautifully crafted 1:18 scale version of one of the icons of speed.  It was an ingenious way to cheat the wind (and inexpensive too!).  Bill has hit all the high points, so there's no reason for me to repeat them.  Let me just say that the only reason I give it a 4 1/2 rather than a 5-star rating is because the steering can't be moved (and they don't have a 4 3/4-star rating).  Otherwise, it's a genuine peacherine!

3. bill wentworth  7/16/05

Beautifully executed! Could not find a flaw in the paint. I just wish the steering was operational. With all the advanced details we are seeing these days, ashtrays that open, removable gas caps, removeable hub caps etc. I was just a little surprised. Still, one of the best diecasts available. A must have.
Bill W

4. Bill Pisciotto  11/11/03

This is an absolutely gorgeous model! Fit and finish is among the best I've seen. The Flathead V8 looks like it's ready to be fired up! The front suspension detail is beautifully done (although the front wheels are fixed, and do not turn)The engine cover has actual louvers, tiny body fasteners "bolt" the body halves together, drilled rear brake drums, the list goes on and on! An A++++ effort by Precision Miniatures! Don't miss this one!

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