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Sun Star 1981 DeLorean LK Sport Coupe


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1. Jay Engel  12/17/01

This is about as close to a precision model of the De Lorean LK as you're going to find. Proportions on this model arepretty much right on (the nose looks a tad too long to me) and the build is excellent, especially considering the price point! The kicker is design and execution of the bushed aluminum body panels. They have the look and feel of the originals with all the pizzazz of the original car. Taillights appear to be transfers under a clear plastic
cover but the capture the look perfectly!
The engine is an outstanding redux of the original Peugeot/Renault/Volvo designed 3.0 L V6 Rear mounted, it is easily revealled by lifting the rear louvers, then raising the engin cover...just as you would do on the 1:1 prototype. All the hoses, belts, and plumbing are present and accounted for.. Great model at a great price!!!

2. Andrew Battles  10/28/02

I agree with the other rater. However there are a few mistakes in this model as compared to the real thing.
1. Steering wheel should be black.
2. Over flow coolent bottle should be plastic, not stainless.
3. Headliner should be same color as carpet.
4. Missing cargo net behind seats.
5. Front spoiler is warped.
6. Black trim (rear) should not go onto wheel well.
7. White letters on rear bumper, most owners put stainless letters into this space. However there were not letters from the factory.
These are small issues and for the price you can not beat this model.

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