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Danbury Mint 1:10 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle (1:10)

Reviewed by:   Tom Pine
  Danbury Mint 1:10 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle (1:10) diecast car

DISCONTINUED 6/30/03. Producing their first prototype Indian motorcycle in 1901, George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom founded the Hendee Manufacturing Company (renamed the Indian Motocycle – the “r” was left off intentionally – Company in 1923), which actually predates the now famous motorcycle builders from Milwaukee by two years. Indians were known for their speed and endurance and were the premiere motorcycles in the country. In fact, it took an aggressive racing campaign by Harley-Davidson to put them on the map just behind Indian. The Chief was introduced in 1921 and, by 1948, came to symbolize power, speed, and road comfort. It was indeed a comfortable bike, with its front girder suspension, rear wheel suspension, and full saddle suspension. As the name on the lower front fender implies, it was indeed a “Roadmaster”.

DM is not known for producing motorcycle images, with only two in the inventory (the 1948 Chief, and the 1938 Indian Four). But that doesn’t mean they’re in any way inferior to the products put out by FM. This image is replete with working parts such as: starter, clutch and brake pedals, side-shift lever, front and rear suspensions, and saddle suspension. The seat’s real leather, and there’s a removable windshield and removable, real leather saddlebags. All the small details (bars, handles, cables, wires, rivets, bolts, nuts, etc.) are crisp, well chromed, and well proportioned. There are no decals – all details are in 3-D. There are two, working kickstands – a full-prop one behind the engine and a lean-over bar, with pad, that swings out from the left side. The medium blue-and-black paint job is glossy and flawless. The real wire spokes and chrome wheel rims look sharp. This is a beautiful image – everything a collector would want in a museum-quality model. Don’t waste time deciding to get it, however, as it will be retired soon.

Alas, Indian closed its doors in 1953, ending its own era of craftsmanship and romance that was second to none. Today, the graceful Indian Chief is being produced in limited numbers again, ironically with Harley-Davidson engines and running gear.

The issue price is $128 + $8 S&H.

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Danbury Mint | 1:10
Danbury Mint 1:10 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle (1:10)

Danbury Mint 1:10 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle (1:10)

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