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Highway 61 1:18 1964 Buick Riviera

Reviewed by:   Highway 61
  Highway 61 1:18 1964 Buick Riviera diecast car

Buick first introduced the Riviera in 1949, and over the next fifteen years the Riviera found favor with the sophisticated car buyer who knew quality, yet appreciated a fresh, new, exciting look in an automobile. Following the success of the 1963 model, Buick made only a few cosmetic styling changes to the 1963's crisp, flamboyant lines for 1964. A newly-contoured hood was added, and the corporate tri-shield badges were replaced with stylized 'R' ornaments and Riviera crests. Leather was dropped as an option for the interior, offering only cloth or vinyl as upholstery options, but the public's impression of the Riviera as a stylish and superior 'continental' car remained unchanged.

The big news was under the hood. The 401ci was dropped, and the standard engine in '64 was the 425ci V-8 'Wildcat 465' (465 referred to torque rating, not displacement), which produced 340 hp. The optional engine was the 425ci V-8 'Super Wildcat' with twin four-barrel carburetors, large chrome air cleaner and finned aluminum valve covers, with an output of 360 hp. The combination of the larger powerplant and twin four-barrels made the Riviera a true fast mover, outrunning similarly- classed competitors.

Without any special badges or ornamentation, the high-performance 'Super Wildcat' 1964 Riviera became a true 'sleeper' in terms of performance. The reliable Turbine Drive two-speed automatic transmission was replaced by the Super Turbine 400 three-speed automatic, which received rave reviews for a 43% improvement upon the already impressive 'takeoff' for a 4,200-lb. car. The '64's outstanding suspension system remained unchanged from the '63, having impressed many trade publications with the road manners that such a large car exhibited.

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Highway 61 | 1:18
Highway 61 1:18 1964 Buick Riviera

Highway 61 1:18 1964 Buick Riviera

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