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1320, Inc

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28 items are listed for 1320, Inc
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       1320, Inc | Scale 1:24 | The Fuelers

Year Make Model Color Code Date
Bennie "Wizard" Osborn
Red TT1119 3/2004 C
Chris "The Greek" Karamisines - Nbr Ltd Ed of 3500
Blue & White TT1112 11/2002 C
Connie Kalitta's "Bounty Hunter"
Red & White TT1114 3/2003 C
Cow Palace Shell
Red, Yellow & Blue TT1123 2/2005 C
Crietz & Donovan
Light Blue TT1118 12/2003 C
Don Garlits' "Swamp Rat X" - Ltd Ed of 5000
Red TT1113 1/2003 D
Don Prudhomme's "Wynn's Winder"
Yellow TT1116 7/2003 C
Gary Cochran's "Mr. C" - Nbr Ltd Ed of 3500
White & Blue TT1111 9/2002 C
Howard Cams' "Rattler"
Orange TT1117 9/2003 C
Jade Grenade
Green TT1126 2/2007 C
Jim & Alison Lee's "Great Expectations II"
Yellow & Blue TT1124 5/2005 C
Kenny Safford's "Gotelli Speed Shop"
Blue & White TT1115 5/2003 C
White & Red TT1125 7/2005 C
Roland Leong's "The Hawaiian"
Blue and White TT1121 9/2004 C
Steve Carbone
Black TT1120 4/2004 C
Tom Hoover
Red TT1127 12/2005 P
Red TT1122 11/2004 C
2002 Dragster
Kenny Bernstein's "Forever Red"- Nbr Ltd Ed of 5000
Red TT9101 4/2002 D
  The Fuelers
"Sneaky" Pete Robinson's "Tinker Toy V"- Nbr Ltd Ed of 5000
Blue TT1107 2/2002 D
  The Fuelers
"TV" Tommy Ivo - Nbr Ltd Ed of 5000
Red & Orange TT1109 6/2002 C
  The Fuelers
Big Jim Dunn's "Rainbow Dragster" - Nbr Ltd Ed of 5000
Rainbow TT1106 2/2002 D
  The Fuelers
Bruce Wheeler's "Wheeler Deeler" AA/FD Dragster - Nbr Ltd Ed of 3500
Red TT1102 6/2001 D
  The Fuelers
Dick Kalivoda's "JOKER" AA/FD Dragster - Nbr Ltd Ed of 3500
Blue & White TT1103 8/2001 C
  The Fuelers
Keeling & Clayton "California Charger" - Nbr Ltd Ed of 5000
Blue TT1110 7/2002 C
  The Fuelers
Tom "Mongoose" McEwen - Nbr Ltd Ed of 5000
Black, White & Gold TT1108 3/2002 C
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