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27 items are listed for ACME 1:18 Scale
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       ACME | Scale 1:18 | Racing

Year Make Model Color Code Date
1969 Altered
Dragster 'Rat Trap' Limited Edition
Blue/Multi A1800803 6/2010 C
1969 Altered
Dragster 'Rat Trap' with Signed Certificate
Blue/Muti A1800803C 6/2010 C
  Altered Fiat
Mondello & Matsubara
Blue A1800813 6/2013 P
1969 Bantam Altered
Dave Bowman's "MENTAL CRUELTY" LE750
Orange A1800814 11/2013 P
1969 Bantam Altered
Neutral A1800807K 11/2013 P
1968 Camero
Bill Drevo's A/S Drag Z28 "Quicksilver" Multiple year World Record Car
Starlight Silver A1805702 12/2015 P
1957 Chevrolet
Smokey Yunick's Stock Car
Black/Gold A1807001 3/2016 C
Altered Tom's Garage LE
Red/White Flames A1800805 6/2011 O
Dragster Kit
Lt Blue A1800804K 4/2011 P
Reath Automotive Altered
Blue A1800801 4/2016 O
1966 Fiat
Bradford Bros 427 ci Blown Altered Dragster
Orange A1800811 10/2012 P
1968 Fiat
Super Rat Walker & Geary BBC Powered AA/FA Alterted Dragster
Green Metalflake A1800806 5/2011 C
1923 Ford
Marcellus & Borsch AA/Fuel Altered 'The Winged Express'
Red A1800812 2/2012 P
1970 Ford
1970 Boss Mustang Parnelli Jones #15 Diecast Model Car by Acme in 1:18
Yellow A1801815 10/2015 C
1969 Fuel Altered
Mondello & Matsubara Top Fuel Altered LE996
White/Blue/Red A1800815 5/2014 P
  Fuel Altered Dragster
Pure Heaven II
  A1800809 12/2011 C
  Fuel Altered Dragster
Pure Hell
  A1800808 10/2011 C
1933 Gasser
Lo Bianco Bros Chopped Gasser LE996
Multi A1800902 4/2014 C
1975 Interscope
T332 #63 Danny Ongais 1975 Laguna Seca and Long Beach
Black A1802002 11/2016 C
1969 Mustang
Smokey Yunick's Boss 302 Bunkie Blackburn Tribute by Acme i
Black and Gold A1801816 12/2016 C
1972 Oldsmobile
Hurst Olds w/ Linda Vaughn figure and Hurst Platform
  A1805601 10/2012 C
1968 Pontiac
Ace Wilson's Royal Drag Firebird
Red A1805202 9/2015 C
  Roll Cage Dirt Champ
Schutz & Thompson Steve Lotshaw #62
Black A1800501 2/2012 C
1974 Steed T332
#66 Brian Redman 1974 F5000 Champion LE500
Red A1802001 11/2016 C
1933 Willys
Gasser S & S Racing Team LE 1250
Red A1800901 9/2013 C
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