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Franklin Mint

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34 items are listed for Franklin Mint 1:12 Scale
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       Franklin Mint | Scale 1:12 | Franklin Mint

Year Make Model Color Code Date
Disc Plow (1:12)
Red E026 10/2005 C
Halloween Hayride Wagon 
Orange E720 10/2007 C
Little Genius Plow
Red E101 8/2005 O
  Allis Chalmers
Steel Wheel Tractor
AC Orange E100 7/2005 C
  Allis Chalmers
WC Tractor (1:12)
Orange YE34 2/2000 C
  Allis Chalmers
All Crop Harvester (1:12)
Orange B20A114 6/2002 C
1941 Case
SC Tractor (1:12)
Orange YF71 11/2001 C
1957 Corvette
"Fuelie" Convertible (1:12)- Pewter- Nbr LE of 1000 (Discontinued)
Pewter ZG39 10/2000 D
1963 Corvette
Sting Ray Coupe (1:12)- Pewter- Nbr Ltd Ed of 1000 (Discontinued)
Pewter B12B812 10/2003 D
1967 Corvette
L88 "Connoisseur's Series"- Ltd Ed of 427
Marina Blue E301 7/2006 C
1967 Corvette
L88 "Connoisseur's Series" - Ltd Ed
Rally Red ZB79 12/2002 D
1967 Corvette
L88 "Connoisseur's Series"- Ltd Ed of 427
Black & White D749 7/2004 C
1967 Corvette
L88 "Connoisseur's Series"- Ltd Ed of 427
Sunfire Yellow/Black Stinger E872 6/2008 C
1967 Corvette
Roadster- Independent Retailer- Nbr Ltd Ed of 99
Silver Pearl w/Black Stinger MM99 7/2008 D
1937 Delahaye
Convertible by Figoni & Falaschi (1:12)- Pewter- Nbr Ltd Ed of 1000
Pewter A678 7/2003 D
Super A Tractor- Nbr Limited Edition of 1500
Red E351 9/2006 C
1941 Farmall
Model H Steel Wheel Tractor (1:12)
Farmall Red C373 8/2003 C
1950 Farmall
Super A Demonstrator Model Farm Tractor (1:12) Ltd Ed of 5000 (Disc)
White C361 8/2003 D
F-50 Executive Kit by Tamiya
Red C583 2/2004 C
1953 Ford
Jubilee Four Tractor (1:12)
Red & White XU34 1/1999 O
1953 Ford
Jubilee Tractor & Farm Wagon- 2004 Christmas Nbr Ltd Ed of 3500
Red, White & Olive C957 11/2004 C
  Intl Harvester
Farmall Model A Tractor (1:12)
Red YQ18 1/2002 C
  Intl Harvester
Farmall Model F-20 Tractor (1:12) (Discontinued)
Red YQ19 7/2000 D
1941 Intl Harvester
Farmall Model H Tractor & Wagon- Halloween (Revised 2000) (1:12)
Orange & Black ZG79 7/2000 C
1941 Intl Harvester
Farmall Model H Tractor (1:12)
Red YB33 11/1997 C
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