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Franklin Mint

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21 items are listed for Franklin Mint 1:24 Scale
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       Franklin Mint | Scale 1:24 | Motorcycles

Year Make Model Color Code Date
Harley-Davidson Assembly Line- Pewter- Nbr Ltd Ed of 2500
Pewter A563 9/2002 C
Softail Garage Diorama
Misc colors A677 3/2002 C
1907 Harley-Davidson
First Production Harley
Light Gray WC2600 12/1996 C
1909 Harley-Davidson
Black & Maroon WC2700 12/1996 C
1929 Harley-Davidson
Side Valve Twin
Olive WC2800 2/1994 C
1936 Harley-Davidson
61EL Knucklehead
Blue & White WC3100 3/1996 C
1936 Harley-Davidson
Pewter C141 11/2002 C
1948 Harley-Davidson
Pewter C142 11/2002 C
1949 Harley-Davidson
Hydra Glide
Turquoise WC3200 3/1996 C
1957 Harley-Davidson
Pewter C0001 12/2002 C
1957 Harley-Davidson
Red & Black WC2500 11/1995 C
1958 Harley-Davidson
Duo Glide
Red & White WC3400 12/1996 C
1971 Harley-Davidson
Super Glide
White & Black WC3000 1/1997 C
1976 Harley-Davidson
Electra Glide 
Pewter C143 11/2002 C
1976 Harley-Davidson
Green & White WC2400 11/1995 C
1977 Harley-Davidson
Low Rider
Grey WC3300 11/1996 C
1986 Harley-Davidson
Heritage Softail
Maroon & Cream WC2300 12/1995 C
1986 Harley-Davidson
Pewter C0004 11/2002 C
1990 Harley-Davidson
Fat Boy 
Silver X066 1/2002 C
1990 Harley-Davidson
Fat Boy (Disc)
Black WC2900 2/1997 D
1990 Harley-Davidson
Pewter C144 11/2002 C
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