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Sun Star

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36 items are listed for Sun Star 1:24 Scale
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       Sun Star | Scale 1:24 | Buses

Year Make Model Color Code Date
Red SS2921 12/2008 C
RT402-HLX219 Re-Issue
Red SS2923 9/2009 C
RT36-FXT211 Re-Issue
Green SS2922 5/2009 C
1947 Bedford
OB Coach
Orange & Cream SS5001 4/2006 O
1947 Bedford
OB Coach
Southern Vectis SS5002 12/2006 O
1947 Bedford
OB Coach
Shearings SS5003 5/2007 O
1948 Bedford
OB Coach
Maroon SS5004 5/2007 O
1949 Bedford
OB Coach
Grey Cars SS5006 8/2007 C
1949 Bedford
OB Coach 
TBA SS5014 11/2011 D
1949 Bedford
OB Coach Southern National
Green/Pale Green SS5009   C
1949 Bedford
OB Coach 'Royal Blue'
White/Blue SS5008 11/2008 C
1949 Bedford
OB Coach Bowles Coaches
Creme Yellow/Blue SS5012 6/2011 C
1949 Bedford
OB Coach British Railways
Brown/Cream SS5013 11/2011 C
1949 Bedford
OB Coach Southdown Motor Services Ltd
Green SS5007 7/2008 C
1949 Bedford
OB Coach/Bridlington LE
Lt Yellow/Blue SS5010   C
Ambassatours Grey Line Big Pink Sightseeing LE
Pink SS2916 6/2011 C
RM1933 - ALD 933B 50th Anniversary of London Transport - The Lock Tave
Red & Silver SS2909 6/2006 O
RM1983 - VLT94 50th Anniversary of London Transport
Gold SS2911 12/2006 O
RM870 - WLT870 The first production model with a Leyland engine.
Red SS2908 4/2006 O
RM94 - VLT94 Open top -The Original London Transport Sightseeing Tour
Red SS2910 9/2006 O
1958 Routemaster
London Transport RM8- Ltd Ed of 4000
Red SS2901 12/2004 O
1958 Routemaster
RM2191 - CUV191C
Dark Green SS2907 1/2006 O
1958 Routemaster
RM254 - VLT254 "The Standard Routemaster"
Red SS2902 8/2004 O
1958 Routemaster
RM664 - WLT664 "The Silver Lady"
Silver SS2903 12/2004 O
1958 Routemaster
RM686 - RM686
Blue SS2905 8/2005 O
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