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First Peek with Rusty Hurley Edition Date

AUTOart 1:18 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

AUTOart 1:18 1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 Convertible ...
Rusty Hurley
Rusty Hurley

Corvettes are remarkable in that a line of cars over 50 years long has gone through only six major transformations. The C-3 chassis, which supported Corvette’s from 1968 to 1982 was one of the most enduring and the best models of the street C-3 versions (1978 and 1982) have been from AUTOart and they are now joined by the hippie of the family.

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  AUTOart 1:18 1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 Convertible

This Corvette model is an eye-popper. The Daytona yellow color gives this car the same personality of a snack food introduced about that time: Screaming Yellow Zonkers. In 1969 – intense coloration of even the most mudane objects was popular: just look at the work of Andy Warhol or poster artist Peter Maxx or the movie Yellow Submarine.

The finish, as you’ve come to expect from AUTOart, is smooth and glass-like. The badging is well done, particularly the Stingray script. The in-takes and vents are nicely detailed and perfectly cut. The massive bonnet lifts to reveal a 427 engine less articulated then expected based on other models in the Millennium line. The muscular dual exhaust on the other hand will please Corvette fanatics.

The overall shape is beautiful from every angle–sleek and sexy. The wheels are well done, though they photograph as two dimensional – they look much better in person where your eye can follow the light. The stance is good and factory accurate. The undercarriage is meticulous.


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There are remarkable details that are easy to overlook, like the top mounted door handles, chromed locks and concealed windshield wipers. The visors are foldable. The hidden headlights pop-up easily and the headlamps are first rate. The black interior deserves extra time and attention since the nature of the color camouflages a remarkable cockpit. One advantage to purchasing a convertible is that it’s so much easier to see details like the dashboard. Aa doesn’t skimp here, detailing every knob, gauge and vent. The aerial is packaged as a separate piece, so you can choose to display it with or not. Note: it does not securely very tightly, so you might want to consider a drop of glue.

If you’re in the market for a 1:18 1969 Corvette, you don’t have too many options. Revell and Hot Wheels manufactured the only comparative street version while Carousel made a tasty road racer. This AUTOart represents the best on the block in terms of style, color and exterior execution. Perhaps future iterations will improve engine detail as happened with the Mercedes 190E. Since I display my models closed, it’s not disconcerting.

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