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First Peek with Rusty Hurley Edition Date

GMP 1/6 scale Ardun Flathead Ford Engine
GMP 1/18 1987 Ford Mustang “Street Heat” Rod


GMP 1/6 scale Ardun Flathead Ford Engine GMP 1/18 1987 Ford Mustang “Street Heat” Rod
Rusty Hurley
Rusty Hurley

If you’re a comedy fan and a racing fan, you’ve probably heard Bill Cosby’s timeless routine 200m.p.h (Those of you whose memories of Bill Cosby start and end with his “Cliff Huxtable” days need to download this timeless classic to your I-pod or make tracks to your nearest Sam Goody and order it.)

In 200 m.p.h, Cosby, a car aficionado but admittedly technically inept at the inner workings of a land yacht, experiences a breakdown while traveling with a companion. He recounts getting out of the car, and opening the hood:
“Just as I feared” he says to his traveling companion.
“What’s that?”
“It’s an engine.”


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  GMP 1/6 scale Ardun Flathead Ford Engine

Now you know how I felt opening this monster box from GMP. It was an engine I didn’t know a lot about, this Ardun. But I soon learned the real Ardun Flathead was indeed something to fear.

One thing not to fear is actually putting this masterpiece together. For me, usually the most difficult task in receiving and displaying a diecast model is unscrewing it from the base (with “paying the Master Card bill” being a close second). But with the Ardun it’s different: you open a box and there are several compartments in the styrofoam, each containing a different engine component or group as well as the display case. There is a handy information/instruction manual that will guide you each step of the way. There’s also a pair of jewelers gloves that will keep any nasty skin oils off of these marvelously machined parts.

Getting started is a breeze - soon you’ll have the main engine mounted to the display stand and the gaskets in place. You then take out the incredible Ardun headers – there are two, each in one solid piece. You carefully attach them to the engine block. It has been pointed out previously that the valve configuration is not a pushrod mechanism, but the trade-off here is the incredibly heavy Ardun headers, each forged – and I don’t mean cast, I mean forged, out of a single piece of chromed metal. If you prefer an “exploded view” of your engines, this will bother you if you have persnickety party guests who will post you up about it. Not likely. For me, the hefty, impressive looking headers are so amazing I think I'd forgive just about anything else. I’ll also display it assembled.

Each component is richly replicated from the block and headers to the dual Stromberg carbs and the S.C.O.T. blower. The fan belts are supple yet pull tight around the belt drivers. The result is a vintage hot rod engine that absolutely glistens in any light. The case is heavy and well made, and when completed the model checks in at a healthy 13+ pounds.

When finished, you have a museum quality piece that Zora Arkus-Duntov, the father of this wonder, would be proud of. Yes, the same man who developed the GS Corvette was also the grandfather of this amazing monster in 1947. It cranked out 300hp and set more speed records then you can count, but more importantly it used a hemispherical blower long before anyone yelled “Hey, that thing got a hemi?” To this day, the engine is a favorite of hot rodders from Miami to Half Moon Bay.

Legacy Motors is carrying this model engine. Click Here.

If the Ardun isn’t your style, GMP does offer other engines of similar show-stopping quality; from the classic Indy Offenhauser to Hemi Drag engine. Choose one that suits your taste and you’ll have a centerpiece that will be quite the conversation starter.


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  GMP 1/18 1987 Ford Mustang “Street Heat” Rod

What do you do with a venerable mold? Well, if you’re GMP you keep looking for ways to reinvent it.

In this case, we have the 1987 Mustang re-cast as a whoop-ass street racer in GMP’s newest series of street rods. But this model is more than a fresh coat of paint and some fancy rims.

Let’s start with the NOZ injected 306 C.I.D. engine. The most obvious upgrade here dual Nitrous bottles mounted in the trunk with a complete injection and fuel sump system. Let your eyes find high performance parts like cold air induction, racing ignition box, braided fuel lines and an aluminum radiator.

Turn the model -side down and see the ear-splitting headers and high performance muffler. The chassis is further articulated with a complete suspension and drive shaft.

It’s about then that your eyes might get drawn to the fat racing slicks mounted on drag star wheels. God save me from street rods with low profile tires. This one has the rubber to burn down a quarter mile leaving your favorite Toyo’s gasping for breath. The tires are unmarked, but this actually works on this model – makes it seem even more ruthless and ready for taking pink slips.

The interior is Spartan as a good racer should be. Gauges are basic black on white with a tach and shift light right in the driver’s line of sight. There are racing seats with cloth pro belts and an eight point roll cage, both in place to comfort the driver should he or she meet some misfortune (which also seems highly likely in this flashy rod.)

And that’s not even what’s most fun.

That would be the candy cobalt blue paint which is engulfed on the hood by bright sunshine yellow flames - as if the car drove through as people hurled buckets of paint at it. The hood has impressive dual 4” cowl induction to fuel the engine’s need for oxygen.

When you consider the age of this mold and its versatility, this is quite an amazing iteration. If you didn’t know any better, you’d place this with any new mold today in terms of quality. And, if you’re like me, you might think of buying one of the Mustang police cars of the same vintage just to keep an eye on it. Highly recommended (with or without police car).

This model is available through Legacy Motors. Click Here!


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