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First Peek with Rusty Hurley Edition Date

1:18 AUTO art 2005 Cadillac CTS-VR #8

1:18 AUTO art 2005 Cadillac CTS-VR #8
Rusty Hurley
Rusty Hurley

MORTY: How would you feel if we sold the Cadillac?

JERRY: What? The Cadillac I bought for you?

MORTY: It's too much car, Jerry.

JERRY: Aw, c'mon, you love that car. What about the Northstar system?

MORTY: I don't think we even use it.

From the Seinfeld Episode “The Money”


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  1:18 AUTO art 2005 Cadillac CTS-VR #8

It was a great day when Cadillac stopped being stodgy and roared back to life at the turn of the century. They went from boring commercials promoting “the Northstar system” to the Morty’s of the world and instead infused their commercials with Led Zeppelin (okay, not terribly contemporary but it still makes the average boomer feel just a bit bad-ass).

Led by the brilliantly conceived CTS-V, their cars went from somnambulistic sameness to personal luxury that seemed to be borne from a combination of I.M.Pei and Mario Andretti.

In the “Morty” days, Cadillac built an LMP car that went racing as did Ford's Lincoln division. However, the car underperformed - so racing on Sunday didn’t translate to sales on Monday. But unlike Lincoln, Cadillac didn't stop there: they put together a world class GT car, the CTS-VR, to not only distance themselves from Lincoln but to take on powers like Porsche and BMW.

And they not only took them on, they took the battle to them. Prior to the 2006, Team Cadillac's black CTS-Vs have scored seven victories, six poles, and 21 podium finishes – with Andy Pilgrim winning the SCCA World Driving Championship in the #8 CTS-VR for the Cadillac works team and Cadillac taking the constructors crown.

It is Pilgrim’s 2005 SCCA world championship model that’s reviewed here. In case you forget, it’s inscribed right on the display base. AUTO art also includes a certificate of authenticity that identifies your model as one of limited edition of 6,000 made.

The model is brilliantly colored, with a deep black lacquer base coat dominating the front portion of the car. This forms a backdrop for the riot of color on the back. The color explosion emanates from the traditional Cadillac “Coat of Arms” Shield, an oversized version of which is emblazoned on the roof of the car. The various sponsor logos are all well placed and easy to read, even the minute Racer Magazine logo on the front quarter panel.

The shovel nosed stance is accurate; sitting on unmarked (as is the real car) Toyo rubber mounted on engraved Oz seven spoke wheels. The brake detail is also very good here with the Brembo logo calipers in charge of the frisbee sized discs.

If you’re looking for detail, you’ll come away impressed by the front mesh grille. It is finely made, framed with chrome, featuring a photo etched insignia mounted dead center. Meticulously executed elements on the exterior include hood pins (which might be a tad oversized), cut louvers, open side exhaust, and the radio antennae. The plastic elements such as the reinforced windshields and trademark "fly eye" lighting is done with the AUTO art precision we’ve come to expect.

The interior is mighty fine too. While doors do not open, you can look in and easily view the multi-part roll cage. Other materials are well replicated from the faux aluminum rear deck to the scored carbon fiber console (complete with Motorola radio with logo). The window netting and seatbelts are both woven nylon pieces and a red fire extinguisher is mounted on the floor. The oversized rear view mirror and blacked out dash are very racy. More gauge detail would have been as expected I suppose, but elements like the functional steering are appreciated.

Since this is a Motorsport line car, there is no viewable engine. However, flip the car over and the chassis detail, particularly the drive train, are more rich than you might expect. The suspension arms and drive shaft elements are individually colored with details that are nicely extruded.

This is a fun model of a new classic American racer – this wicked Cadillac livery has been a hit with sports car fans since itburst on the scene. There have been a few versions by AUTO art but if you’ve been holding off for the Championship edition it's time to get out your checkbook.

Legacy Motors offers the AUTOart 2005 Cadillac CTS-VR #8 ready to ship.



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