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Posted by Zone News


LECCXIII Packard Woody- Final production sample Pics!!

We are so excited to open the box and see the final production sample of the LECCXIII Packard Woody Wagon! It looks amazing!

One final pre-production remark (adjustment) to the factory: "needs the wood finish on the inserts to be darker and more consistent"... This change was complete for the final production

This model is so lovely that we decided that a custom case should be made for it. This case has been sized to perfectly house this model including it's base. It also should accommodate other 1:24 scale resin models as well.

LECCXIII Packard Woody Wagon Glass Display Case Order

Click here for sign up / orders:

LECCXIII Packard Woody Wagon Sign Up

LECCXIII Packard Woody Wagon Glass Display Case Order

Photo credit ~Valerie P.

Now available for reserve!

Packard Woody Wagon

1941 Packard 120 Woody Wagon Deluxe in 1:24 Scale


13th from the Diecast Car Collectors Club (D4C)


Click here to View the LECC XIII Detail Page

Order now for anticipated Fall 2016 delivery!   You have 3 options to place your $75 deposit:

Option 1: Order and pay with credit card or PayPal online. Click here to Order Online.

Option 2: Order and pay by check or credit card by calling Legacy at (877) 534-2733

Option 3: Order by sending an e-mail to if you are an existing customer.

Packard. Just the word alone says volumes about American Elegance, Luxury, and Prestige. As they used to say in their famous ad campaign "Just ask the man that owns one". Throughout production, Packard fortified our military, advanced technology, and built a wide range of exceptional motorcars, but none as elegant and purposeful as the hand fabricated Packard Station Wagon. Not only were they rare (only 58 120 series wagons were built in 1941), they were meticulously assembled at Packards state of the art facility in Detroit.

Using the stately 120 chassis, cowl, and front clip, the station wagon panels were hand made and fitted specifically to each body. So rare were these commanding cars that collectors today pay upwards of $300k for restored examples of these finely crafted icons.

Today, we are delighted to share our 1:24th scale tribute to the finest and most elegant woody wagon ever built.

Reserve now your 1:24 scale 1941 Packard 120 Woody Wagon, the 13th model in the LECC series that stretches back to 1995.

The amazing Packard Woody Wagon features the stunning slightly angled Packard grille and waterfall side venting, complete with speed streaks on the fenders and fully enclosed side mounts. Of course there is the two toned wood trimmed with elegant touches both inside and out.

This gorgeous model is crafted by hand using tooled poly-resin and precisely fitted chrome trim. The bodywork is painted with automotive paint and trimmed with photo-etched parts and clear lenses. Great attention has been devoted to its proportion and stance. The wood surfaces are replicated with resin structure and artfully painted and antiqued to give a glossy but realistic appearance consistent with lacquered wood of this era.

The authentic finishes and perfectly scaled instrumented dashboard feature micro-decals in the gauges and foiled chrome for trim. The front door side windows are down so that you can view the detailed dash and interior. The body is sealed with no moving parts. The intricate headliner and detailed interior side panels can all be viewed through the clear side and rear glass.

Like so many of the previous LECC models, the LECC XIII is being developed by the brilliant scale model designer Raffi Minasian. Raffi has been the leader in developing 1:24 scale models for over 20 years.



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