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We appreciate news stories submitted by anyone involved in this hobby. We reserve the right to select and edit news items and tips we receive. We provide GUIDELINES of the kind of contributions we most appreciate. Suggestions should be sent HERE.


If you have been getting ready to sell some of your collection... this Zone Auction promotion comes just in time!

From November 5, 2012 until end of Thanksgiving Day, Diecast Zone Auction sellers get something extra for a successful sale on our Diecast Zone Auctions. Successful Sellers get something from us...

Sellers receive Legacy Points equal to the winning bid.

Please click on LEGACY POINTS to learn why they are worth collecting. By acquiring Legacy Points, you earn free models and merchandise on Legacy Stores. No stress on you, the system is automatic! Don't worry about overlooking an opportunity to redeem your points, we let you know when a model in your shopping cart can be yours free – while you checkout. That’s good!

Qualifying Auctions: Any auction you post that successfully concludes between November 5 and midnight, November 22, 2012

Your Reward: Sellers automatically receive Legacy Points equal to the winning bid. To receive this benefit, sellers must be registered for Legacy Points before the end of the promotion.

Requirement: We want to encourage sales, not inflate listings. To qualify for this promotion, your percentage of successful sales must equal or exceed 25% from November 5 until end of promotion period.

We make posting your models easy on the Diecast Zone auctions and for the next 4 weeks, we make every successful sale especially rewarding!

To take advantage of this Limited Time offer, please click on Zone Auctions to post some models for sale.


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