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Criteria for Judging Models

SUBJECT: How unique, how ingenious?

DETAIL: A lot goes into the impression of detail. How many different parts comprise the model? How precisely are the different pieces engineered crafted?

How are materials chosen to approximate the original 1:1 materials? Today's models can feature specialized finishes, like blued headers, sand-cast aluminum, and magnesium. Flash-plated aluminum finish is fragile and unrealistically bright, where as true nickel plating is more durable and looks like chrome.

Tampos are getting so detailed now that the ability to read minute lettering on decals and stickers on the outside and inside really adds to the fidelity of the model.

ACCURACY: Obviously detail contributes to accuracy. But beyond detail, a model can be just inaccurate from a factual standpoint. For example, a specific option may be shown for a car that was not really available. The stance of a car might be considered a question of accuracy. All parts of the model must be scaled in exacting proportion to each other.

FIT & FINISH: You can have a model that may be less ambitious from a detail criteria, but still boast terrific craftsmanship. How tight are tolerances on gap lines, such as doors, hood and truck. Are hinges in proper alignment, allowing for proper closure?

How precise is the chrome trim, paint lines and stripes?

Paint must be smooth, with even and complete coverage. No pooling at the edges, free of inclusions and "orange peel".

OPERABILITY: How many things open or operate like the real deal. Like: working gear shift mechanisms, removable knock-off wheels, opening glove boxes, rotating drive shafts and crankshafts.

VALUE: The great equalizer. And perhaps the most controversial. Should a model that has astonishing detail for $75 be more prized than a model that has twice as much detail but costs twice as much? That's for you to decide!

Much thanks to Dr. George Dill, Rich Sufficool, Raffi Minasian, Bill Bennett, Rusty Hurley and Mr. Tony Perrone.

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