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What is Your Favorite Model?

Here are the up to the minute poll results. If you've submitted your poll input, it's reflected in the totals below.

Since your collection and preferences change over time, be sure to keep your poll input updated. Make changes on the POLL INPUT FORM, which automatically displays your current input.

1:18 Scale Poll Winner!
  Top Car
Total Number of Collectors 535
Average Size of Collection 108
Largest Collection 8000

1st choice: Danbury Mint 1969 Dayglo Red Brawner Hawk- 1969 Indy 500 Winner (by Ertl)(1:18)(Discontinued) (518)

2nd choice: Exoto 1962 Pearl Yellow Shelby AC Cobra 260 (EX18123)

3rd choice: Exoto 1973 Sunoco Colors Porsche 917/30KL #6 + Rolling Chassis - Donohue - LE of 1974 (EX18181)

4th choice: Exoto 1966 #2- Black, #1- Blue, #5- Gold Ford GT40 MKII Gift Set- #2, #1, & #5- 66 Le Mans 1-2-3 Winners- LE of 1966 (EX18SC2)

5th choice: Exoto 1979 Red Ferrari 312T4 #12- Gilles Villeneuve- No Driver (EX97071)

1:24 Scale Poll Winner!
  Top Car
Total Number of Collectors 612
Average Size of Collection 138
Largest Collection 10040

1st choice: Danbury Mint 1957 Cloud White Chrysler 300C Convertible (981)

2nd choice: Danbury Mint 1942 Black w/ Wood Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon (Discontinued) (955)

3rd choice: Brookfield Collector's Guild N/A Blue with White Stripes Dodge Viper GTS (BCG 1)

4th choice: Danbury Mint 1962 Corinthian White Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster (942)

5th choice: Danbury Mint 1941 Cameo Cream Chevrolet Special DeLuxe Cabriolet (932)

1:43 Scale Poll Winner!
  Top Car
Total Number of Collectors 309
Average Size of Collection 95
Largest Collection 3000

1st choice: Carousel 1 1961 White & Red Watson Bowes Seal Fast Special #1- A. J. Foyt- Indy 500 Winner (CA432)

2nd choice: GMP 1968 White Chevrolet SS396 COPO "Grumpy's Toy" Drag Nova- Nbr LE of 5004 (GMP8425)

3rd choice: Jouef 1969 Light Blue & Orange Ford GT-40 #6 Le Mans (JF3006)

4th choice: Jouef 1961 Red Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta (JF3011)

5th choice: Kyosho Red w/ White Stripe Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe #59- 1965 LeMans (KY03051F)

All Scales
Grand Total of Collectors
(will be fewer than total for each scale since many collectors collect more than one scale)
Most Favored Era 1950's

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