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...at the Diecast Zone -- one of the oldest, continually operated sites on the web. This site is FREE and entirely dedicated to collectors of scale model cars. There's a lot to do here, so here's a quick tour.

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New News

The latest news and insider scoops on what's going on with the hobby. Like major new product announcements, very limited editions, and upcoming events.

Car Lists

Comprehensive lists of issues, pending issues and the latest releases are maintained by our editors for over 35 different brands. If you're looking for a specific car model or type, you can also use our SEARCH ENGINE to find just those models. You can also choose to sort the listings in the order you prefer, as well as get a printable copy.

Car Reviews

Within our Car Lists are authoritative reviews of model cars by some of the most savvy reviewers in the hobby, many with lots of photos. Read these before you buy!

Registration Required You'll also find Collectors Reviews, which are mini-reviews and comments contributed by collectors just like you. See what they have to say about a specific model.

Registration RequiredForums

We maintain four different forums for collectors to exchange information and ideas. There's a different forum for 1:18, 1:24 and 1:43 scale collectors. A fourth forum, The Lounge, is just for collectors to get to know each other better. Each forum is moderated. However, we cannot take any responsibility for anyone seeing an occasionally offensive remark.

Registration RequiredAuctions

We maintain four different auctions, one each for 1:18, 1:24 and 1:43 scale vehicles. A fourth auction is dedicated to Other Scales and Collections. Unlike other auctions, ours are presided over by one or more knowledgeable Auctioneers.

Registration RequiredOnline Poll

Registration RequiredWishList

This innovative and famous feature lets you tell the manufacturers what cars and trucks you want to see them build next.



We provide answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the hobby and the site. An excellent reference for collectors looking to learn more.

Hot Wired

Links to manufacturers' websites, collector resource sites, and personal web pages maintained by collectors.

Legacy Motors

As the official online store of the Diecast Zone, every penny of profit goes to operate this site. The store prides itself on competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. Look for exclusives and early pre-orders of limited editions likely to sell out. Earn free models through our Legacy Point program.


No, you're not too old for fun and games. Especially when you see the free cars the winners receive.

Diecast Nuts

We've asked several writers and especially accomplished customizers to contribute articles of interest to enthusiastic collectors. New articles added regularly.

The Club

The Diecast Zone is the official website of the Diecast Car Collectors Club (D4C). You do NOT have to be a Club member to enjoy everything that's available on this site. However, there are certain off-line benefits to being a member, like receiving the bi-monthly Journal and invitations to regional events. You can sign up for the D4C right online or renew your membership. There is a membership fee.


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